No One’s Talking about the War on Retirees

Shockingly—or not so shockingly—many seniors experience feelings of anxiety in early retirement. Many are concerned about outliving their money. Some are concerned they have no plans on how to spend their time in the days and years ahead. A few have their total self worth and identification in their old job titles and achievements, so for some, retirement is a real step down in life.

The war is on, but are both sides fighting fair? When it comes to retirement, you can’t control the economy in which you retire, but no one seems to be talking about the war on retirees as it stands today. Watch the interview about the war of retirees with investment adviser representative adviser Eric Judy.

There are manipulations to protect the economy that have kept interest rates low, while at the same time, safe growth options have been decimating. Negative interest rates are a reality already in parts of Europe and Japan and a possibility in the near future here in the United States, so what does that mean for retirees? You need to fight back. It’s your money. It’s your retirement.

As a retiree, you may have options available to help wage the war against you, such as dividend-paying stocks, treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) and annuities that offer guaranteed income you can’t outlive.

When you are near or in retirement, you begin to realize you’re living in the last quarter of your life and perhaps for the first time, you’re aware of your own mortality. You are also more conscience of money than you’ve ever been. Your retirement funds—in part or whole—may be invested in the market in an attempt to generate more income from your portfolio and cut back on your monthly withdrawal rate to meet your ever-evolving life expectancy. The market has its own sense of risk anxiety that compounds the angst of just being a senior.

Who can help you fight this war? A qualified financial professional. Retirement is not a do-it-yourself activity. To avoid unnecessary stress, look to those who understand and are knowledgeable about this complicated subject.

Nationally syndicated financial columnist and talk show host Steve Savant interviews Investment Adviser Representative Eric Judy co author of The New Retirement, a Paradigm Shift on the weekly consumer video show Right on the Money. Right on the Money is an hour talk financial show for consumers and distributed its 5 ten minute segments as video press releases to over 280 national outlets.