In this episode of “Right on the Money,” Dennis Mattern sits down with financial advisor Erik Bowman, the founder of Bowman Financial Strategies in Colorado. Together, they uncover the five crucial mistakes people often make when choosing a financial advisor.

Erik shares invaluable insights into the importance of selecting a fiduciary advisor with the right credentials. They delve into the pitfalls of rushing into a financial advisor relationship without considering compatibility and strategy fit. Understanding how advisors get paid becomes a key point of discussion, as it reveals their motivations.

But here’s the real gem: Erik guides you on how to vet a financial advisor. He mentions reputable resources like FINRA and the SEC where you can check an advisor’s background and track record.

Towards the end, they discuss the significance of a personalized approach to financial planning, emphasizing the goal of a “work-optional” retirement where you can enjoy life without financial worries.

Don’t miss this episode, packed with actionable advice that could transform your financial future. Tune in and secure your retirement with confidence!

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