Right on the Money host, Dennis Mattern, discusses retirement income strategies with Brent Ford, owner and operator of Benefit Resource Partners, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Benefit Resource Partners focus on providing government employees a better retirement income strategy than what they currently have. They assess each individual’s unique situation, consider their needs and determine what strategy will provide the government employee a more stable retirement. Benefit Resource Partners works across all kinds of government agencies from the FBI, postal service to the Department of Education and more.

Learn the differences and the challenges that face a federal employee versus the general public.

With few resources for federal employees, it is important to know your options. Learn more about Brent Ford and how his practice focuses on the federal market.

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Benefit Resource Partners

Licensed Insurance Professional. Respond and learn how life insurance and annuities can be used in various planning strategies for retirement.

16875 – 2017/8/3