Right on the Money host, Dennis Mattern, discusses retirement income strategies with Tommy Mai, president of Tommy Mai Financial, located in Westminster, California.

Tommy Mai has a unique business model for his practice: customer service. Every current client or information-seeker is treated as a family member, regardless of whether or not they do business with Tommy Mai Financial. Mai’s office is committed to meeting with a client as many times as they need to understand what is happening with their finances.

“What’s important is that we want to make sure everyone comes out happy,” Mai says. “It doesn’t matter how many visits, how many hours we spend with one client, as long as we’re able to convey the message, … [and] make sure the client understands what they’re getting into.”

Mai got into the retirement industry because he has always been passionate about helping people. He saw a presentation by the World Market Alliance (WMA) in high school, which sells investment, insurance, and various other financial products through a network of distributors, and was “blown away” by the concept of overall retirement income planning.

Mai’s wife is a family physician, and is a driving force behind Mai’s motivation for the continuity of service. They both serve their clients or patients with the goal of not only taking care of them for the moment, but for the future, through the generations.

Tommy Mai Financial is incredibly involved with the Vietnamese community in the area, which furthers the business model of putting clients first. Within that community, their relationships are all based on dedication first.

Mai explained, “Basically, the clients want to see dedication from you before they actually look into or see and understand a product.”

Though the specific philosophy of putting clients first, regardless of their stage of the buying process, and building the relationship between a client and financial advisor is not new, Tommy Mai has dedicated his life to providing beyond the expectations of everyone who walks into their office.

Know every aspect of your retirement income plan. Learn more about retirement income planning with Tommy Mai at Tommy Mai Financial and how he could help you with your retirement income strategy.

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