When Your Focus is Off, You Can’t Hit the Target

Focus is not aiming. You can’t take aim at something, like a financial goal, unless you see correctly. That’s why a pair of glasses or contacts are called corrective lens. They correct your inaccurate view. If you’re not seeing correctly how can you hit what you’re aiming at? So seeing correctly and gaining the right focus is the first step towards hitting a goal. Watch the interview with popular platform speaker, best selling author and registered financial consultant Justin Shaw.

In 2008 the market meltdown exposed the obvious for many a financial pro. That they were human. That they were not exempt from the events of the world around them. They were so close to the action that they couldn’t tell the forest from the trees. The following is an excerpt from one such adviser Justin Shaw.

Regardless of how hard I worked, I wasn’t insulated from economic downturns. The sudden downturn of 2008 forced my hand. Suddenly, my clients’ priorities and more defensive financial posturing severely impacted the growth of my business practice. People didn’t want to talk about their finances even if they needed my help. Many acted as though, if they avoided the subject matter, it would simply not impact them! They avoided opening their investment statements for several months, if not years! These devastating events were to become the very same that would ultimately save my personal life while redirecting my professional career.

This was a great time for personal and professional growth. These un-welcomed experiences forced me to reassess myself. I could no longer base my self-worth on the money I generated or the possessions that I owned. I began to realize that I had value without extreme material wealth. My excess became moderated and I began to focus on my marriage, my children and my relationship with God.

Soon the discordance within me began to subside. My internal void started to fill up with meaningfulness and purpose from the very familial and spiritual relationships I had once casually taken for granted. I began to feel happier and more fulfilled in both my personal life and within my professional arena. Clients seemed to notice a greater resolve in me to meet their goals. I shifted my focus to helping my clients prepare for retirement in what were then unconventional ways. If I were to change, then I would have to reinvent my practice and marry it to these newly reacquainted values. – Justin Shaw

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