It May Cost You a Couple of Weekends to Create a Retirement Plan, Without a Plan It May Cost You Your Entire Retirement

Antoine de Saint Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Most adults stopped wishing upon a star long time ago. They stopped throwing pennies in a wishing well. They stopped believing in making a wish before blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes. Watch the interview with popular platform speaker, best selling author and registered financial consultant Justin Shaw.

Creating a retirement plan may seem to be all about math, investments, taxes and Social Security benefits. But in the end it’s all about lifestyle, happiness, emotional enjoyment or simply feeling good in your golden years. Understanding the correlation between retirement planning and retirement happiness is the biggest connection you can make in your adult life. Here’s some wisdom from Justin Shaw.

The sudden downturn of 2008 forced me to downsize and restructure my growing “empire.” It became apparent that all of the success I had, thus far, achieved, suddenly became untenable and meaningless dead weight that just had to be shed. I divested myself of unneeded expensive cars, properties, and other “symbols” of success. It was the shedding of an entire way of life; a radical readjustment to how I viewed everything around me. No longer would I judge myself by the goods I owned but rather by a more meaningful relationship to family, faith and myself. I don’t miss it one bit! Now, while enjoying time with my family, I am learning to appreciate how I am able to touch the lives of those around me. Downsizing ultimately made more room for the things that mattered.

That experience also really underscored the importance of financial planning. I realized that if I could be caught off guard as a professional at the top of my game, then anyone could. This economic turmoil became the catalyst for my self-awareness and for the implementation of unconventional planning strategies that worked to mitigate retirees’ losses.

The way to ensure success for your future is to take a measured look at what money will be needed to “live”, while appreciating that the demands for those future assets will change as a person moves closer to their nineties.

The key is to have a measured and planned approach to budgeting for a more comfortable retirement. The comfort of knowing that your financial affairs and family are taken care of will provide immeasurable peace of mind when you seek it most. In short, it is best to assume the worst – plan for a rainy day – and hope for the best. – Justin Shaw.

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