Jasmyn Nakata

The Futility of Unfocused Business Goals

You Can’t Hit Goals When You Don’t See What You’re Aiming At Thousands of small businesses fail every month due to a lack of vision. It isn’t that they haven’t had an economic epiphany or inspired apparition. They just don’t see right. Many have experienced rogue thoughts that fire the imagination of ideas and invention. Indeed, many businesses are conceived in such moments of passion. But revelation in and of itself is never enough for a successful start up to gain traction. A business owner needs to determine if they’re seeing the world as it really is; seeing their...

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Every Small Business Start Up Needs a Plan

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Still Needs a Business Blueprint The private sector generates the majority of jobs in America. Within the private sector, small business contributes significantly to job creation and is recognized as the economic engine that drives commerce in America. Thousands of business start ups occur every month, but many of them close their doors before their first year in business. Many times, the entrepreneurial spirit is willing, but the lack of a business plan weakens the potential for success. Rarely do you find a business plan among passionate entrepreneurs. Many first-time business owners have the emotional energy...

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