John Glowacz

Is Your Money Searching for Sanctuary?

Safe Money Positions May Give You Shelter Against Turbulent Times After the market meltdown of 2008, investors and savers alike want to have safe alternatives for portions of their money. Many near or in retirement just can’t afford another major downturn in the market, so conservative options need to be sought out. Watch the interview with retirement specialist John Glowacz. In the old days, a retiree could generate 4 to 6 percent from their bank CDs, but those days are gone and may return in our lifetime. And as the Fed moves rates up, what little luster bonds had...

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Lazy Money Isn’t Working for You

Lazy Money Isn’t Pulling Its Part in Your Weighted Portfolio Money market funds, CDs and savings accounts were the safe money havens of the past. But today, they’re crediting rates are so low, taxable and eroded by inflation. You worked hard for your money, so you need to make your money work hard for you. Watch the interview with retirement specialist John Glowacz. Using the Rule of 72 to calculate when your money will double is a way to gauge the laziness of your money. If your money market is crediting .2 percent, it will take 360 years to...

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