Jim Donewald

Tax Payers Need to Become Gamers of the Tax System

Proactive Tax Management Can Keep More Money in Your Pocket It doesn’t matter what game you like to plan, there are strategies and tactics to learn to become successful at any sport. The same is true of tax code. There are three basic moves to make that can positively affect the taxes due on your 1040. Watch the interview with retirement specialist Jim Donewald. There are three basic tax strategies: one, know your tax bill, two, know the income that’s included in the provisional income test for Social Security and three, know the three tax categories. Know your tax...

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Understanding Your Risk Can Change the Way You Invest

Calculating Risk and Living with the Results is a Characteristic of a Discipline Investor Every investor should have a financial profile that includes a risk-tolerance assessment, timeline goals and a retirement or estate strategy. It becomes the reference point for all your money decisions and any plan alterations that will occur. Watch the interview with retirement specialist Jim Donewald. Shakespeare wrote, “This, above all else, to thine own self be true.” Your financial profile should be an honest and dispassionate approach to how you treat money. It should include a risk-tolerance test, an information section on your holding’s beta...

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Why Does Full Disclosure Seem So Elusive for Investors?

Financial Products and Advice Should Come Clean on Costs It’s really troubling in the information age an investor can’t seem to secure the true cost of their investments or consulting advice. Even when you Google—the front of all knowledge—most financial products disclosures don’t reveal the total cost, the true cost of product ownership. Watch the interview with retirement specialist Jim Donewald. Many Americans have 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA holdings. Most don’t have the time or skill sets to manage their own portfolios, so they outsource the oversight of their investments to financial professionals. Finding the right financial professional...

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