Month: May 2016

Gold in Circulation is Money in Motion

The Golden Rule: He Who Has the Gold Rules Currently, it is estimated about 170,000 metric tons of gold are in circulation. Of that amount, about 35,000 tons are in official reserves; of which roughly 20 percent are attributed to governments or central banks controlling gold hoards. The global economy always appears to be teetering on the edge of destruction, often at the slightest whispers of doom. So hoarding a little gold for yourself may help insulate part of your portfolio from ravishes of inflation and the printing of worthless dollars. Michael S. Young contributed to this article. The...

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Gold: The Exchange of Antiquity & the De Facto Currency Today

The Mining of Gold vs. the Printing of Paper “Gold is money and nothing else,” is often quoted by the mogul J.P. Morgan. Gold has been the measurement of wealth since its discovery in ancient times, even referenced in the book of Genesis when assessing the wealth of Abraham. Gold has been minted for thousands of years. It has been the financial cornerstone of civilization and the monetary mooring of economic stability. But in recent history, governments have unfettered themselves from the gold standard, but investors and savers alike look to gold as a sanctuary of financial stability for...

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